KMO consists of energetically aligned humans and highly skilled professionals. 

What's it like to work with KMO?

KMO is the opposite of a grind, hamster-wheel agency. 

KMO creates an intentional container with its partnerships to ensure the desire and capacity is present and the service quality and results are delivered. 

Meet The Founder, Kaila O'Connor

Kaila has been told her entire life to “give it the 24 hour rule” - only to realize she is a splenic projector with gate 51 - the gate of shock - as her Sun gate (aka the most prominent one). All this to say - her magic lies in her quick, intuitive decisions and ideas.

A projector’s energetic alignment on paper - work less than 5 hours a day & wait for the invitation - may suggest the agenda that PR isn’t a right fit. On the contrary, Kaila has made it her mission to build a thriving and success PR business as an aligned projector.

The 6 in Kaila’s profile creates the perfect stage for her to share her personal experiences as a burnt out Projector working in the field of PR. 6s are meant to live the first 30 years of their life in trial/error to have experiences that expand perspective and result in wisdom that can be shared onto others to help them avoid certain situations and collapse time.

6/2 Splenic Projector


After a decade-long PR career working with large corporations like 3M filled with rinse and repeat, vague ROIs and burnout, Kaila stumbled upon affiliate marketing when she was recruited to a creative agency February 2020. Her first week at the job, she spoke with Affiliate Managers at Conde Nast and Meredith Publishing and quickly realized the massive shifts occurring and became a self-taught pioneer managing and scaling 30+ category-leading brands’ Affiliate PR programs. Since starting December 2020 and officially coining the phrase "Affiliate PR" on her couch one evening with her wife, KMO has become an industry-leader that continues to pave new paths and set new standards of management and performance for DTC brands' Affiliate PR programs.  Kaila has also trained over 100 PR pros, over 80 Conde Nast editors and has been a guest expert on industry-leading podcasts: The PR Podcast, The PR Wind Down, 2X eCommerce, The Digital Agency Show and the Marketing Expedition.

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