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  • Learn your human design and how you can feel your best at work using your distinct energetics to increase productivity and operational flow.



There’s no such thing as a dumb question - Kaila is you. She has over 14 years of PR experience and knows the roadblocks and low frequencies that can be felt from a career in PR. She also knows the harsh realities of building a DTC business and ensuring profitable margins. Her PR experience, natural skills and love for the metrics and ability to holistically see the bigger picture as a Projector (in human design) positions her perfectly to serve and guide you. It’s beyond soul-serving for her to share the Affiliate PR knowledge she’s collected the past 4+ years - and she won’t hold back, telling you all her secrets and tips that are either learned through text or Slack conversations with some of the most influential Affiliate Managers, commerce editors and other industry leaders/colleagues. You’ll feel seen, supported and leave feeling empowered and hopeful. 

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The Magic of
Affiliate PR

the KMO way

Luxury, Sustainable Sleep Essentials DTC Brand

Long-term, consistent program growth + success


  • Affiliate revenue consistently accounting for 23-29% of ecommerce revenue 
  • Avg ~25-30 affiliate placements each month 
  • New customer acquisition 80%+

2022 Goal: Increase brand awareness via men's publishers
  • Results: Multiple placements on GQ, Esquire, Men's Health, Gear Patro

2023 Goal: Increase 15% affiliate ecommerce goal to 20% 
  • Results: Average 22% ecommerce revenue

Q3 2023 Goal: Gain celebrity exposure + notable business press for investors
  • One-week post goal 2 editor requests from Ashley Tinsdale + Poosh organic coverage
  • Ongoing: 3x Forbes, 3x Business Insider, 3x CNN in the last month

 New-to-Market Skincare DTC Brand

 Immediate success, New Brand, crowded industry


  • Real Simple newsletter inclusion 
  • In The Know feature article 
  • Dotdash Meredith + Skimlinks joined in-network
  • Affiliate revenue accounted for 14.93% of ecommerce revenue 
  • 94.7% new customer acquisition
  • 6 top-tier editor products requests: Dotdash Meredith x 4, Fashionista Beauty Director, The Good Trade Senior Editor (+ multiple blogs)

Sustainable Food Storage DTC Brand

3x YoY Campaign Growth


256% revenue increased
  • 2021: $16k
  • 2022: $41k 
4x article coverage
  • 2021: 7 articles
  • 2022: 26 articles

Sustainable Food Storage DTC Brand

New Product Category Launch 


  • 19 articles (4 feature articles)
  • Affiliate revenue accounted for 26% of ecommerce revenue 
  • Affiliate revenue increased 20x from previous month

Dear KMO World,

I first started KMO as an Affiliate PR service agency for DTC brands with the intention to do things differently - in alignment with my human design chart and my distinct energetics.

And as the only thing constant in life is change, I'm here to share a new era with you.

I have had the privilege of witnessing the unexplainable success my team and I have experience the last 3 years when used our unique energetic gifts in regards to "how" we did Affiliate PR for our clients. At one point I had a team that consisted of a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator and a Projector all doing Affiliate PR, all uniquely different, all equally successful, at the exact same time.

Human Design then started to blend into client conversations and I started to bring energetic intelligence into my Affiliate PR status calls to enhance the communication, partnership and collaboration.

I remind myself that: COURAGE is the ability to "take action despite fear," where external proof does not exist and belief is held with conviction. This new season in life and business I'm courageously jumping in with courage. 

KMO will close the door to new clients for its Affiliate PR monthly management service for DTC brands, and will continue to offer short-term consulting/training contracts where DTC brands can learn how to self-manage, receive an audit, or gain expert consulting advice on current and/or future program/agency partner.

The intention and HOPE for this transition is to provide DTC brands with personal power and knowledge of this channel and their program. To set them up for long-term success.

KMO will still serve PR professionals within the Affiliate PR Club in addition to private, custom training for agency teams. 


Kaila O'Connor


A Note from the Founder - Kaila

I am now creating space for me to focus on what come's so naturally to me, flows through me with ease and truly how I've been desiring to serve other entrepreneurs, CEOs, teams and the entire Corporate world - Human Design Corporate Consulting. 

I believe how we feel at work matters, and a feeling is an energetic frequency that can attract or repel people (aka business results). I also believe that how we feel and how we energetically do our job every day is the 50% missing from the Corporate world and business strategies --- and Human Design is the system to bring it forward. 

If you desire to learn your energetic gifts and become energetically intelligent, to feel better at work, to incorporate more operational flow into your team, how to become more productive, what environment you're meant to work in ----and SO so much more - fill out the corporate consulting form offered in the links below and let's connect <3

If you've been apart of the KMO journey at all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you're new - I'm honored to have you.

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