How We Individually Feel When Doing the Job is the 50% Missing from Business Strategies

Kaila O'Connor restructures corporate culture using her ability to read a CEO's and each of their team members' distinct energy frequency - visually, intuitively and using the Human Design system - to transform internal workflows into a fluid, functional, creative, and efficient team-based operation where cohesive teamwork, transparent communication and compassion for one another exists.

a feeling is an energetic frequency that creates a cause and effect that attracts or repels results

Through our business consulting, we focus on blending corporate operations and personal understanding of one's energy traits to develop cohesive and efficient workspaces within all business industries. Led by Kaila O’Connor, KMO restructures corporate culture using Human Design and transforms workspaces into a fluid, functional, expansive, and efficient team-based operation. 

Kaila has had an interesting journey. Kaila was climbing the ranks in the PR space – her dream career until it wasn’t. After a decade in the business, she found herself getting burned out and unfulfilled. She left her career and focused on herself to discover what her true path should be. She found Human Design September 2019 and immersed herself in the topic, even becoming a certified.

Once she had alignment, she founded KMO Consulting because she recognized a niche in combining affiliate marketing and PR. In less than two years, KMO is now a million dollar agency, securing thousands of top-tier media placements for its clients and training hundreds of PR professionals in Affiliate PR.

By using Human Design to find alignment and focusing on a niche, Kaila found massive success and is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, CEOs and teams do the same. 

Radical Productivity

What We Focus On & Why


KMO emphasizes individuality as every human design chart is wildly and uniquely different - just like every human. KMO emphasizes the magical benefits of leaning into the individual and stripping away the corporate rinse and repeat approach can have on business success. THE BEST PART... often times what one was told was wrong, or weird about them as a child is actually the one thing that is their strength and should embrace more. 


KMO emphasizes individuality as every human design chart is wildly and uniquely different regardless of the general similarities. KMO emphasizes the magical benefits of leaning into the individual and stripping away the corporate rinse and repeat approach can have on business success. 

Led by a projector, KMO is all about how to make something as efficient as possible, without sacrificing the quality. Through various HD chart elements, KMO helps business owners build efficient team structures and habits that improve the quality of experience and the wellness of those involved.



Inspired by her own journey, Kaila shares how she built KMO Consulting to be a one-million dollar PR agency in two years all guided by human design, and empowers her clients through real-life examples, storytelling, and empathy. Kaila has been there, done it, and is still doing it.

Energy CEO Consulting for Radical Productivity



KMO Collective is deeply rooted in the connection between personal understanding and human collaboration. By educating entrepreneurs on how to use Human Design as a business tool to understand how their energy operates and interacts with the collective they will remove the need to look outside for the answer, instilling concrete worth and trust within their inner authority along their entrepreneurial journey. 

For the creative that desires to re-align, spark inspiration, reground, find insight, and expand perspective as a way to not dull their creativity in a corporate world

For the do-er who is burnt out and in desperate need of mentorship to find re-alignment.

Strengthen Your Inner Trust & Personal Power


Learn how-to make body-based intuitive-led decisions to avoid overworking and seeking answers externally.

Learn how-to turn your brain on and activate, nourish and communicate in your genius. 

Learn how-to be in your correct environment to put yourself in the right places at the right time to notice the right synchronicities to act on the right things so you can manifest what you desire. 

Learn how-to best utilize your strengths and wisdom energetically within business marketing, sales and relationships. 

Dying to know your Human Design type?


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